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Time and again, humanity goes through a major disruption that transforms our world altogether. From steam engines to mobile phones, everything that was destined as doomed and just a fad turned out to be the game-changer.


And we at 9Grapes want you to be aware of the next wave of disruption that is brewing for quite some time in our surroundings. Cryptocurrency, online and gaming money, digital personas, games like Minecraft, virtual experiences like Second Life are long indicating towards a digital existence quite beyond our reality. Whether you’re a person or a business, the sooner you accept this, the better you will be able to begin and reap the opportunities.


The “Black Mirror” world is upon us and it is not recommendable to ignore progress just to regret it later.


So, what are you waiting for? Make your presence felt on metaverse starting today. To describe it in short, the metaverse is a three-dimensional space where you can own property, mimic your physical presence with modifications and interact with people of your choice.


Metaverse is the next iteration of your internet identity (including social media pages) that will let you live with an immersive VR experience. You can simply log in with Virtual Reality and it will open up opportunities to interact with businesses and target audience that aligns with your product or service.


Just like social media pages, users can be situated anywhere in the world and can still interact with each other freely by being teleported to their desired location. Actually, it’s much better, because now it’s an immersive interaction in 3D space.


Now, if you can go anywhere, we are sure we will be able to find advertisements everywhere as well in the future. In fact, music concerts have already made their way into the metaverse through games like Fortnite, and perhaps in the future sporting events will also be mimicked for the netizens with entry tickets.


We already know that Nike has a store now in the metaverse, and other popular brands will follow soon.


Shifting legalities of cryptocurrency and unpredictable user behaviour make the metaverse still unpredictable but then what is not in our world. COVID disruptions are enough to prove our point and there is no harm in experimenting with new growth.


The world is excited about metaverse and we will keep updating you so that you can market your business right across all frontiers. Visit us today at ninegrapes.com

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