Surfing the Post-COVID Wave with Digital Marketing

An old quote that is still relevant in present times says, “In good times you should advertise. In bad times, you must advertise. “Today, Covid has impacted the globe in terms of health, tourism, education, and marketing. The limitations, lockdowns have weakened the marketing world, and it still continues. Because of these shifts, businesses must […]

How to Start a Career in Social Media? – 5 Steps to Abide

Your social media career is waiting in the palm of your hands to be discovered.     Over the last 2 decades, the world of social media has seen tremendous development. We have developed global communities by the names of Twitter & Facebook that more or less started as college projects.   Since, a social […]

Twitter Blue, Spaces and You: Tale of Ever Innovative Brand Engagement

Social media platforms have been quite useful in driving up engagement, haven’t they? Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have created a necessary space to promote brands and engage with potential leads. However, none of the social media platforms has evolved as much as Twitter when it comes to connecting brands with the world. […]

Apple’s Right to Privacy Haunting Your Marketing Approach?

Who doesn’t enjoy some privacy in their lives, especially when it comes to data collection from their internet-enabled personal devices? In the recently celebrated update 14.5 to iOS, Apple did just that by bringing changes to how privacy works on apps for millions of users. In this day and age privacy is most sought after […]