Recently the internet was set abuzz with the mention of just one word: Clubhouse. Elon Musk’s tweet spread that name like wildfire throughout the internet. It was also banned in China as well recently. So what is this Clubhouse and why is it so popular all across the world right now? Obviously, this is not the same clubhouse where you gather around with your neighbours for an evening get-together. It, however, operates on similar principles. Clubhouse is a special social media platform that allows interaction between users, but only through audio. Surprised?

Even though this app released in 2020, it is only now that the world has suddenly gone gaga about it. It quickly became a talked-about platform last year in the tech neighbourhood of Silicon Valley. However, the app remained largely hidden away from most of the world’s population, until that tweet from Elon Musk. It’s not just the world’s richest man using the app either. Clubhouse has drawn in an exclusive group of celebrities from all over the world.

The list of elites joining the platform is not only limited to the western hemisphere, however. Even the founders of various Indian brands are currently members of the platform. Even so, it still pretty much remains out of the general population’s radar. With Elon Musk’s recent tweet, however, it launched into quick popularity. Where most people were not aware of the platform, now many know of it.

So What’s For Fun In The Clubhouse?

This isn’t your usual social media platform, where you join up to begin a perfectly curated virtual life. Clubhouse has much more than that for you while offering very minimal features on its platform. On joining the platform, users can create or join conversation rooms based on different topics encompassing from technology and literature, to business and health. The rooms are also usually moderated, and moderators have the final say. The more conversation rooms you interact with, Clubhouse recommends you even more topics to branch out to. You can also directly interact with other users to take your discussions further. Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t allow its users to share pictures and videos.

You might be wondering how you can be social if you do not have the luxury to communicate using images and videos, or share memes on the platform. But on the other hand, this platform works well by excluding any features that may distract from actual conversations between people. As a social media platform, Clubhouse can actually help create a community around yourself.

Interested in Clubhouse? Well, it’s currently only available on the App Store, and as elitist as it sounds, it’s also only available through invites from existing members. While they are currently working on an android version, and there is a waiting list you can join, we wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath. If you want some intellectual conversations, or desire to start a revolution, the only question you need to answer is, “Do you have an invite to the Clubhouse?”

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