When was the last time you saw live sports on a screen? Most of us are sports fanatics, no matter which sports we favour and that means we always take the time to watch our favourite team play live. That’s all obvious of course, so why are we talking about this? Simple, it’s the adverts playing faraway at the perimeter of the field. You might be wondering what’s so interesting about that, but there’s more to those ads playing on the digital boards, especially when it comes to the technology that powers them.


Here’s something for you to think about – the same boards can display different ads across different channels, all at the same time, even with players moving in front of it. Confused? We don’t blame you. Employing virtual replacement perimeter technology this feat has easily been accomplished by broadcasters for years, yet most people don’t realise it and that’s what’s interesting. Perhaps you didn’t realise either until this very moment.


What Is Virtual Advertising?


Just imagine, having the power to reach out to different demographics for the same event, but on different platforms based on who surfs that quadrant of the web. That is only one of the possibilities you can reap the benefits from, with virtual advertising. You could add more value to the same media space and allow more visibility to your brands. Did that pique your interest even a bit? Of course, this piece of tech needs a deeper look into what it can do and what possibilities it unfurls for us.


Virtual ads use digital technology to insert virtual advertising images into any live or pre-recorded event.  This allows broadcasters to replace ads playing on-site with virtual images on the screen when broadcasting the same event elsewhere and provides the flexibility to cash in for different regions. Where audiences and spectators could see the same ads on all channels and sources, it would enable broadcasters to show ads to audiences that matter to them.


Reaching Out Virtually


You don’t need any virtual goggles to experience this. In fact, you have already seen many of these ads without realising it. It all seems as if those are the same ads being used on the grounds. They allow broadcasters to switch ads on demand for different regions. It allows them control and flexibility over which ads are shown to which demographics. After all, people of different age groups watch different channels. By using this virtual replacement perimeter technology, broadcasters can change or update the ads on even pre-recorded shows! How fantastic is that?


As a piece of technology that can be used across all mediums, virtual advertising can change the world of marketing. Most people are not aware, but did you know that the technology enabling video tracking of virtual ads have been used for quite a while now to create virtual product placements in television shows, even years after they have been produced?


Scope For Digital Marketing


Think of all the possibilities this can create for digital marketing where old ads could be updated over time to target new demographics and other regions. It reduces costs and makes marketing more efficient by still being relevant to the masses, as well as, gaining from more reach over the same. We can apply this same situation to other aspects of digital marketing as well by using the same media space on a digital platform, except different age groups and people from different regions get to see another version of the same advertisement, that is more applicable to them. That would enable you to cut through the age, and language barrier while increasing the reach of your brands significantly.


We are experiencing a great expansion of new technology that is reshaping our world entirely. With technologies like virtual reality gradually becoming a part of our daily lives we can even bring the use of virtual advertisements to everyone’s constant attention.  Virtual reality allows users to navigate virtual landscapes, but even now these virtual spaces show ads. Just think of what can be done in terms of digital marketing with virtual advertising.


Set Expectations?


Marketing has always been about creating content that engages people and helps increase reach for the brands. With technologies like virtual advertising and digital marketing, however, we can expand this with a level of unforeseen efficiency and convenience that can change the whole experience. Advertisements won’t be as limited anymore, and brands can see heightened reach as well. Virtual advertising isn’t just another tool in the toolbox. We can expect such technology to change how brands and digital marketers perform with the great potential of driving reach and engagement further than it is currently possible.

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