Your social media career is waiting in the palm of your hands to be discovered.



Over the last 2 decades, the world of social media has seen tremendous development. We have developed global communities by the names of Twitter & Facebook that more or less started as college projects.


Since, a social media career is not something a student thinks of in their early days, the road towards it might be full of twists and turns. But once you’re there with an analytical brain and a knack for creativity, the results are going to be a lot of followers in terms of money and success.


If you’re ready to start a career in this field, we would recommend you to do good research and learn beforehand to ensure a 360-degree performance. For example, first educate yourself in all aspects of social media branding, marketing and advertising. Don’t just go to become a designer or an SEO expert, learn it all, so that you can manage a team as an intellectual who understands it all.


From trends on Twitter to subscribers on YouTube, you should have answers for all the questions out there. To achieve this, start to utilise the power of your smartphone today.


Step1: Create a social media account, post a creative, try out different campaign options to promote it organically or inorganically to understand what really ails accounts that are failing on social media.


Step 2: Launch yourself as a freelancer/join an internship in the field of your choice with a well-wrapped head around social media strategies.


Step 3: Gain as much hands-on experience as possible, since this is the time to learn the basics of not just social media but also consumer behaviour.


Step 4: Don’t limit yourself to a single KRA (Key Result Area), rather explore your talent with newer challenges.


Step 5: Never give up on your targets and goals!


Voila! You are ready to start your career as a social media expert. Take our advice today and you might thank us later.

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