Is AI a Threat to Creative Writers?

The commercial writing industry that thrived in India online is going to be changed forever with the advent of new technology. Are we ready for it? Let’s find out.


When a writer starts accumulating acumen for copywriting, the brief is quite clear:

  1. Keep your target audience in mind
  2. Amplify benefits of the product/service
  3. Use maximum 6 words to say it all


Sounds robotic? Well, it may sound easy, or like a well-framed process, but this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Candidates often find themselves with too many words to express things and end up writing long sentences instead of a copy. With time and practice, they cut down on the fluff and eventually reach a stage that is acceptable to their workplace. And yet, very few put out something so special that changes the course of advertising and the product it is associated with.


For example: “A good education prepares you for a brighter future ahead.” is not a perfect copy as it contains two words that symbolize the same meaning: “future” and “ahead”. In this case, even if we remove the word ahead, will it impact the meaning? The clear answer is no and yet due to years of usage in colloquial English, several copywriters end up making such minor mistakes. But AI won’t!


If a machine is given the same set of instructions, it will remove such mistakes and will create a usable set of copies that might not be great but as we mentioned “usable”. In countries like India where usability is given more priority than artistic acumen, this will be clearly a big threat to writers.


“Not everyone can write” is as true as it can get but “everyone can type” and the way things are going automatically, we won’t be surprised if AI replaces writers from many desks.


When AI-based systems produce work, there is no bar for languages, rewrites, man-hours etc. And to add to this, many writers and translators are helping AI systems around the world train on how humans write and understand language, and it’s just a matter of time when AI is going to outplay us in our own wordplay.


In China, AI-based warfare systems are learning how human pilots fly and manoeuvre during a dogfight. This will help them in future to send pilotless planes to eliminate their target whose every move the system knows by experience.


So, isn’t it possible that the same system will outwit pilots of imagination in the game of writing? We will leave you with this intriguing thought.


Do share your thoughts and comments with us. Thank you for reading!

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