Social media platforms have been quite useful in driving up engagement, haven’t they? Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have created a necessary space to promote brands and engage with potential leads. However, none of the social media platforms has evolved as much as Twitter when it comes to connecting brands with the world. Twitter’s innovative nature and the advent of numerous tools we have at our disposal has allowed us as marketers to participate in discussion with potential customers on another level.


Twitter has always stayed at the forefront of brand engagement due to its evolving algorithm making use of a global audience base. It’s not surprising at all that they would further innovate themselves by bringing us new tools and options to drive better participation through Twitter Spaces and Twitter Blue. It was however only recently that either of these two became an active part of the Twitter ecosphere. The main question on your mind must be, how can these recent additions help you drive engagement. This is where things get exciting, you see?


The Spaces to Flourish


We have all heard and read about Clubhouse and how it can create a potential space for brands to acquire more visibility. It has quite the potential but unfortunately, it is also limited for use only if you are invited by another member. This means, if you are invited, you are already one of the top brands with global recognition. If you however are a brand still in its infancy to more brand recognition, fret not, since Twitter Spaces brings this capability to you within the framework of the microblogging platform itself. Twitter Spaces has only been recently implemented and is still in its infancy, however, it can still provide the edge that your brand needs.


The biggest advantage to using Spaces over regular tweeting is the control a brand has over it. User feedback participation is completely controlled by the brand including the control over the topic, the speakers and who gets to be a part of the discussion. This allows more control over the flow of information and makes the interaction more efficient.


Twitter is already a great platform to communicate and receive feedback from all corners of the world. With Spaces, however, this feedback participation becomes more personal where brands can get rich and nuanced feedback from the customer base. This of course also allows the opportunity to develop a relationship between customers and brands driving more engagement in the future. Spaces can be used to gain feedback on pre-existing products or services or gain a perspective on something new or yet unreleased. It has the potential to position brands as an industry thought leader, promoting them and increasing their reputation among others.



Harnessing The Power of Blue


We have all been wondering whether Twitter was ever going to offer its services under a subscription, and unsurprisingly they have been pondering about it too. Twitter has forever been a free tool to reach out to the world and the Blue subscription in no way works against that. Staying in line with that, admittedly, Twitter Blue offers much less than what Spaces is capable of. However, a Blue subscription can still be of use when it comes to marketing with the following features:


Bookmark Folders – As an agency, managing our resources is one of the basic things we need to have a handle on. Saving tweets for later use can become a hassle to keep track of for many, and this is where the new Bookmark Folders feature comes in. It allows a convenient way to organise tweets under different ‘folders’ so you don’t have to get lost in a sea of saved content.


Undo Tweet – Many of us have dreamt of a tweet we can simp0ly undo because of a typographical error or having forgotten to tag someone or attach an image. Well now, we sort of have that option. The Undo option allows us to take back a tweet within thirty seconds of sending it ahead. That will still require a quick reflex but it’s great to have an option nonetheless. This is especially useful because the internet remembers all your mistakes, and mistakes can be quite expensive when it comes to marketing. An additional feature it comes loaded with is the ability to see a preview of the tweet to be sent forward. It’s a minimal advantage, but that insight could help us arrange the content better driving engagement for brands.


Other features do come with a Twitter Blue subscription such as a customised app icon, a convenient reader mode and the ability to change the colour theme of the profile. However, none of them may help much with marketing brand image to others as such.


The only other feature that stands out is the dedicated customer support, which may not help with marketing, but can sort out some of the hassle faced in digital marketing when dealing with social media platforms. Currently, a Blue subscription is only available for users in Australia and Canada, but we can be sure it will be available for a populous country like India.


In Conclusion


Twitter is and will remain the most popular microblogging site for a long time, even with alternative platforms popping up around it. Having access to a platform that is not only relevant to brands from a localised perspective but for a global audience as well, this platform empowers brand engagement. Both Twitter Blue and Spaces are interesting features that brands can take advantage of. As brands and marketing agencies make use of these tools, they have great potential to grow towards driving brand engagement, and as their usage grows so will their significance in helping create more reach.

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