Elyments: India’s First Homemade App

India has aced this era of digitalisation by launching its first home-made social super networking app, Elyments. It was launched virtually by Vice President of the country, M Venkaiah Naidu. This app is an initiative by the government to transform local India into global India. Elyments is one of the prime examples of Atmanirbhar Bharat. […]

15 Things That Get the Boost

AMP: 15 Things That Get the Boost

Accelerated Mobile Pages often abbreviated as AMP are HTML pages stripped of many features that can hinder speed of the pages. They can also be described as a diet version of existing HTML website pages. Websites can offer AMP pages by implementing the rel=amphtml tag into their HTML. Pages with AMP code get stepped up […]


Did Copy Really Die?

As heartbreaking as it sounds, the truth about the death of copy writing is being gradually accepted in the advertising powerhouses too. Once considered superior than silly content, it actually succumbed to the mountains of content availability on the internet.Content is King is an accepted notion throughout the advertising circles but is it really responsible […]